Kyle Delaney

B.S. in Computer Science, also solders

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Minecraft Retro SciFi Resource Pack

Build your own 50s B-movie adventure!

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Digital Wristwatch

Digital wristwatch using a HP bubble LED display and an Adafruit Feather M0. Includes a 3D-printed case that fits most watch bands.

More Information Source Code and CAD files

Crystal Caves Episode 1 for the Nintendo Entertainment System

Remember Crystal Caves, the Apogee shareware game on MSDOS? Now it's on the NES.

Totally unauthorized, and not supported, endorsed, or acknowledged by Apogee Software, Ltd., 3D Realms Entertainment, Inc., Apogee Software LLC, or Interceptor Entertainment.

Buy the official PC release for the other episodes!

Download Support the official PC version Source Code Graphics Tools Source

Web Trek

The classic mainframe space-strategy game, now in a flashy web version.

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Boulders and gems game that runs in a PC boot sector. Only 437 bytes! Amuse your firends with a "blank" USB drive!

Partial disk image, playable in Dosbox Source Code

Portable PDP-8 simulator

A pocket size version of a 1965 minicomputer with all the blinking lights.

Source Code

Block Breaker for Android

Brick breaking game with tilt controls, for Android phones.

Source Code

Python/Arduino Text Display and IR Reciever

See the current music track and control your media player from a TV or stereo remote.

Source Code